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Entry of transaction

Journal Entry

Assets /Equipment Ledgers

Expenses Ledger

Accounts Receivables

Accounts Payables

Ageing Report & Summaries

Bank Reconciliation

Trial Balance

Income Statement (Profit & Loss)


Cash Flow Statement

For small or medium businesses maintaining up-to-date bookkeeping is probably the most important part of the daily routine.The establishment of an accounting division, hiring and training bookkeeping personnelis costly.Such companies, whose core competency is not bookkeeping, can benefit by outsourcing to The company Guru.

The service involves preparing and maintaining accounts on suitable periodical basis as perrequirements of the clients. The books of accounts are prepared as per the Indian accounting standards and can also be made as per specific business requirements of the clients. We apply a significant amount of our time to learn client business, To understand how precisely we can be of aid to them.,We are there serving several industries to face the intense finance and accounting challenges. We have a huge experience in providing Accounting Bookkeeping Services, Which is directly evident in the quality we deliver. Our emphasis lies on tight focus, Commitment and accountability, Which is the reason why our list of client has grown at a faster pace year by year.

You can outsource the following bookkeeping services to India –

Invoice generation services

Tracking accounts receivables services

Tracking accounts payable services

Trial balances and P&L accounts services

General ledger maintenance services

Payroll processing services

Compilation of tax returns services

Are you paying formidable sums of money for a bookkeeper or an accountant? Now you can drastically cut costs by simply outsourcing bookkeeping, accounting and other finance and accounting services to Flatworld Solutions. Instead of spending a huge sum of money on a non-core business function like bookkeeping, you can channel your time, effort and money into building up your business.
The Company Guru can provide you with expert finance and accounting services at an affordable cost. Our pricing is economical yet flexible, enabling your company to save on the high cost of professional bookkeeping and accounting.

If you only need a part-time bookkeeper or financial accountant, you can sign up for a part-time financial expert who can attend to your business needs for about 40- 80 hours a month. We offer our customers a low-cost monthly billing pricing structure for part-time resourcesstarting @6999/- monthly.

If you require a full-time accountant to handle all your bookkeeping and financial needs, you can hire a full-time financial professional from us. Our monthly billing plan for full-time professionals is very cost-effectivestarting at @23,000 monthly.

Periodical availability of various reports for analysis

Savings in cost upto 50%

Authenticated financial reports

Professional accounting as per accounting standards

No Need to Train /Hire Accountants

Real Time Bookeeping

Internal Audit by our professionals on quarterly basi

Cash flow analysis

Great Assistance to Statutory Audit

Customize package available with monthly GST, TDS & Income Tax compliance

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