For small or medium businesses maintaining up-to-date bookkeeping is probably the most important part of the daily routine.The establishment of an accounting division, hiring and training bookkeeping personnel is costly.Such companies, whose core competency is not bookkeeping, can benefit by outsourcing to The Company Guru.


Private Limited Company registration is the most popular legal structure option for businesses in India. This type of business entity limits owner liability to their shares, limits the number of shareholders to 50, and restricts shareholders from publicly trading shares. To start an association, a base number of 2 people are required and a most outrageous number of 200 people


ROC stands for Registrar of Companies which is an office under the Indian Ministry of corporate affairs that deal with the administration of the Companies Act, 2013. ROC has been appointed under section 609 of the companies act covering the various States and Union Territories are vested with the primary duty of registering companies and LLPs floating in the respective states and the Union Territories

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